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Currently Hiring for Part-Time: Firefighter/EMT & EMT Only

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of Marion Volunteer Fire Company 8.

We are always seeking passionate individuals who are eager to serve their community and make a positive impact. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to learn invaluable skills in firefighting, emergency response, and life-saving techniques. 

Our department provides comprehensive training programs to ensure that every volunteer is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in their role. Beyond the rewarding experiences and personal growth, volunteering with us allows you to form lasting bonds with like-minded individuals who share a common mission. Whether you have prior experience or are new to firefighting, there is a place for you in our department. Join us today and become a vital part of our dedicated team, dedicated to protecting lives, safeguarding property, and making a real difference in the Marion community.

Ready to make a difference? Join Marion Volunteer Fire Company 8 as a volunteer today! Embrace the opportunity to learn life-saving skills, serve your community, and form lifelong connections. No matter your experience level, we welcome your passion and dedication. 

Together, let’s protect and uplift our community. Take the first step and become a volunteer firefighter with Marion Volunteer Fire Company 8 now!

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